It is pronounced Gwee-doh-tunes

Joe Guido Welsh ImageComposer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Joe "Guido" Welsh, has nearly 40 years experience in the music industry wearing many hats, and much, much more.

Prolific and capable of not only writing music in just about any style, Guido has written and produced jazz, rock, pop and even experimental electronic music as well as recording and producing music in his Nashville recording studio and in Los Angeles, Chicago and Kansas City.

As a recording artist, Guido has released several critically acclaimed recordings with his synthesized jazz group, Thelonious Moog as well as his rock group Lucky Man Clark.  His latest recording, Nothing Left To Say (along with its live counterpart, Nothing Left To Say LIVE!) is a trip back in time to the great jazz/rock/fusion era of the mid 1970’s. It would be impossible to pin any one label to his style of music… he capably covers them all!

He has recorded and performed with such diverse artists as Levon Helm and Garth Hudson of The Band, John Siegler, Roger Powell and Kevin Ellman from Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, Garry Tallent of Springsteen’s E Street Band, guitarist and producer Richard Bennett, pop arranger Jimmie Haskell, jazz pianist Steve Million, and dozens of Nashville’s top tier studio players.

As with many artists his age, he was inspired to pick up the guitar at age 9 after seeing The Beatles play Ed Sullivan, and was then taught music by several great band directors through his public school system. Guido was always selected to learn a new instrument over the summer to fill a role nobody else was willing to fill, from junior through senior high. Starting with cornet, he was switched to French Horn, then Tuba and played percussion, upright bass and guitar in his high school orchestras and stage bands.

He is a master at synthesizer technique and learned to play keyboards as the polyphonies of these instruments changed over time. He writes on both guitar and piano.

Guido... (a nickname that is many years old and the story regarding its origin is much too long to tell...) has been featured in many publications including The Wall Street Journal, Mix, EQ, Keyboard, Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar, Electronic Musician, and Jazz Times along with several online mediums.

On his new record, "Nothing Left To Say", Guido is able to bend and twist the grooves, the moods, the changes and melodies into a musical stew one could only describe as mighty! Even people who typically don't like progressive rock or jazz fusion will find some love inside these tracks!

From the explosive first downbeat of 'The Busybody' to the lights out jazz club vibe of 'Etude, Guido?' Nothing Left To Say takes the listener on a mind excursion to around 1972-1975 and back again. All with a fidelity that reminds one of a time when audio quality was the order of the day. So ya better listen to this on a "stereo", as those puny computer speakers don't count. It was impeccably recorded and mixed by Mike Poole (Robert Plant’s Band Of Joy/Shawn Colvin/Patty Griffin).

Here is a record that reminds us that music doesn't always have to 'say' something... but should definitely make us 'feel' something. Put this on and listen to this when you intend on listening like we used to listen to records. All the way through. Enjoy the ride and enjoy the lyrics... that you make up yourself.

This music is whatever you want it to be. Guido wouldn't have it any other way. Welsh truly has been there… and the best is yet to come!

Joe Guido Welsh Image

Guido is also part of the wacky world that is Thelonious Moog. The band's main focus is on jazz standards and other juicy delicacies that are transmogified into swinging 60's dance material.

Joe Guido Welsh ImageJoe Guido Welsh ImageJoe Guido Welsh ImageJoe Guido Welsh Image